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The festival features vendors that have retail products and bridges the gap between cannabis-positive entrepreneurs and the consumer.  Cultivate and collaborate with entrepreneurs to learn more about the cannabis community at the New York Cannabis Freedom Festival. Enjoy music, guest speakers, and perusing through the vendor exhibits at the 5th Annual New York Cannabis Freedom Festival.



Buttermilk Grow Supplies, LLC, is a minority owned business primarily targeting the needs of the cannabis community, growers, and cultivators.  As a result of our history within the field, we have found large gaps of racial and cultural disparities within the cannabis production industry that need to be addressed beyond the selling of supplies.  Over the last four years, we have positioned our initiative to assit cannabis entrepreneurs by developing and launching our annual New York Cannabis Freedom Festival.

OUR MISSION: To restore the rights and freedom to utilize for medicinal purposes and enjoy and conduct commerce in the field of recreational cannabis.


For over seventy years, our community has been targeted by legislation through planned disenfranchisement of the Black and Latino people. We are diligent in our efforts to develop and execute community-based workshops, literature for dissemination of legal rights, education about health benefits, extraction methods, retailing products, testing without mandates, and exposing standards that serve to continue the disparities within the field, cultivation, and collaboration with fellow entrepreneurs.

PURPOSE: To educate and advocate.  There is a need within the community to have the opportunity to acquire the information and knowledge that contributes to the development and building of business acumen among interested community members.  We  offer cultivation classes and retail business classes that leave profound impact on out participants. Indicating that some members of the Black and Latino community desired to be producers and merchants who can meet the needs of consumers.

We are strong advocates of testing without mandates. We seek allegiance with legal service providers to assist those whose lives were disrupted by criminalization of practices that are common in communities of color.

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